Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Fun!

It has been a great summer thus far.
We began the summer by celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary. It was a perfect night on Alki Beach in Seattle. A great way to spend an evening together.
We ate seafood at Saltys and then walked along the shore, and enjoyed the sunset and city lights.

We also began the summer by putting our swingset on Craigslist. In just a few hours we had over 40 offers. We ended up selling it to a foster care family.

The kids enjoyed a few final ours on it before we said good bye.
Then we replaced it with a trampoline. Wohooo!

The boys spent a week going to Cub Day camp. Our den does a 4 day camp 7 hours each day. I went one of the 4 days. It was fun to spend the day with Landon and Mason, they love cub scouts! Here they are panning for gold at one of the many fun stations.

During Cub Day Camp Lydia participate in a Gymnastics Camp with a few friends. She had a great time, and I was able to get a few things done for girls camp.

It was also time for Jacob's first hair cut. He's hair seemed to have grown over night, and we were getting worried that he was starting to look like a little girl. So I splurged and took him to a "Kids Cut" salon. I never did this with my other children, but he's my baby. He was a little nervous getting his hair cut, but overall did fine.

It was a baby make over:


Landon and Mason got their hair cut right before at HairMasters.

Don't they all look great?

We have also spent a lot of time at the lake this summer. The kids love jumping off the dock as much as they do swimming in the pool. However, Jacob started the summer not so sure about any of it.

The Findlays came to town for a week. The cousins can not get enough of each other. They spent the majority of the time in swimming suits together either playing at the lake, or pool. This year we also spent a day at Wild Waves.

The big kids love to always have a lemonade stand. Since my parents live on a golf course, they do well. This year I think they made around $25, in a few hours. They think they should do it everyday.
Lydia and Jack gave up life jackets together and became really good swimmers.
They spent hours swimming together.

Lydia loved being thrown by either her dad, Uncle Chris or Grandpa.

After being the spectator to all the swimming Jacob, got into the action.
He now loves the water!

Last week was girls camp. I am the Stake Girls Camp Director. This was my second year being the director and things went very well. It's great to go and see all the work you have put in over the past year, come together. My parents and a few friends helped me out with my kids while I was gone. It's amazing how much work and sacrifice goes into a week like this, but it is so good for those Young Women (and the leaders have a little fun as well).

My least favorite thing about being the director is coming up with a Stake Skit. We have a new stake YW president that is creative and she threw together a skit. We practiced right before and wouldn't you know, it was a hit. I went completely out of character (it's okay when you are a camp) and pretty much acted like a child (I had a little inspiration from a few of my own children) and played the role of Miss Whimper and Wine.

Let just say I think I shocked a few...
The day after camp was our nieghborhood social. It's a kid heaven! All you can eat cotton candy, and popcorn. A few boucing rides and a dunk tank.

We were suprised when Mason and Landon appeared in the dunking tank.

However we were SHOCKED when Lydia got up. And guess who throw her in?
One major milestone this summer was Jacob started to walk! He was a late walker, and we were starting to wonder about his stubborness, but on his 15 month birthday, he realized it wasn't so bad. Now our sweet boy is EVERYWHERE!