Friday, January 15, 2010


Our Mason has aways dreamed of becoming a composer ever since he started playing the piano. His piano teacher gives clues each month for a historical "Mystery Composer". Mason always is the first to guess who it is and often pictures himself one day being like one of the greats: Beethoven, Bach or Mozart!
For the last three years Mason has entered the National Reflections contest. He composes a simple song to go along with the theme. This years theme was "Beauty is..." so Mason wrote a song called the "Seasons of the Earth", where he composed a small musical segment for each season. He was asked to perform the song he wrote at the school district "Reflections" awards ceremony.
After he played his song, he lined up with other musical entries.
He was surprised when he was awarded by the superintendent
1st place in the musical composition category.
Our composer!

Last weekend also marked the end of an era for my Dad. After working 36 years at Weyerhaeuser he RETIRED!!

For my whole life my Dad worked at Weyerhaeuser!
Back in November when my brother Josh was here, we went to lunch with my Dad at Weyerhaeuser (along with Jett and Jacob). When I was younger I remember how much I loved going to lunch with my dad at Weyerhaeuser.
As part of celebrating my Dad's retirement, Melissa came to town. It was so fun to have her here. Together with my mom we put on a retirement party for my Dad.
We made lots of yummy food. Here is the dessert table!
(New Years Resolutions didn't last too long this year) With close to 40 people over it turned out to be a great party! Many people gave my Dad advice on what to do with all his spare time now, and my mom even had him smash an alarm clock.
Landon and Mason also sang a little retirement jingle for my Dad. Happy Retirement Dad!!