Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Lydia

Lydia turned 6 on May 11th. To celebrate we planned a Beach theme birthday party. Over the past several years it has always been sunny on her birthday so we thought luck was on our side, unfortunately this year it was a little on the wet side so this beach party was held mostly inside.

However, that didn't seem to phase Lydia, because when it was over she hugged me and said

"I had the time of my life" We played several games. One was musical beach towels. Instead of sitting, the girls had to sun bath when the music stopped.

We also decorated flip flops.

Ate goodies along with a piece of Lydia's flip flop cake.

The sun came out at towards the end of the party so we ended the party outside for a relay race. The girls had to run down with a beach ball and put something on that they would wear at the beach.
Following this the water ballons came out in this 50 degree weather and several of the girls got swim suits on and pretended they were at the beach.

That evening we took the kids to one of our family's favorite birthday dinner restaurants and Lydia ended her meal with this giant piece of chocolate cake. What a day!!!

We sure love this big 6 year old!

Jacob's 2 Year Old Pictures

Recently we had Jacob's pictures taken.
Being a busy 2 year that he his, I was worried that he wouldn't sit still.
He was wiggly until he was given a football.