Sunday, February 28, 2010

Belated Birthday Post

With February coming to a close, we couldn't let this month pass by without documenting the three birthdays we celebrated at the beginning of the month.

First it was my birthday. This year it fell on a Sunday and what a treat that was to have the day to spend with my family. Zeke treated me so well. I woke up to a yummy breakfast and then he had my parents over for dinner in the afternoon.
Topped off by a cherry chip flavored cake-my favorite!
Two days later, Landon and Mason woke up to a room full of balloons.
Like every kid they had been looking forward to their birthday for weeks, so these balloons were found in the early hours of the morning.

For dinner we could not pass up the 3 free birthday burgers at Red Robin.

Our family eats so much cake during this birthday week.
Here is a picture of the second of three rounds of cake.
The boys requested basketball cakes.

Landon and Mason are truly great friends as well as very close brothers. They very rarely have a disagreement and always love to be together. The day before their birthday they were making bets to see who would be the first to wish each other a Happy Birthday. So when we went to light the candles on the cake, they wanted to blow out their candles together. As well as sing their own birthday song to each other.

One of the best things about turning 11 is retiring from Cub Scouts and graduating into Scouts. Here is Landon sporting his new shirt.

Mason and Landon were able to go on an early camp out the weekend before.
They have always loved scouts.
The following Saturday was their birthday party.
For the party the boys wanted a UW cake.
In planning the party we talked about many things to do, but in the end the boys just wanted to have a late night party at our house.
With 10 boys it was sure to be fun!
First we played a game at that house and ate pizza and then it was off to the elementary school playground for late night games and a flash night scavenger hunt.
The boys had a blast having the playground to themselves while they hunted for a treasure.

Lydia was just as excited about the party and was even a little bit helpful with some of the teams. Since she helped hide many of the clues.

After the flashlight scavenger hunt they played "kick the can", and "sardine hide and seek". If we hadn't planned to watch a movie back at the house the boys could have stayed for several more hours, even in the light rain. Landon with damp clothes, hair, and all smiles.
What can we say: Mason loves attention:)
We are so grateful for these two boys! They bring us so much joy and happiness. As much as we wish they could stay little, we love seeing them grow and develop into amazing boys.