Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Big Storm

Jacob sitting in a snow covered road
Upon returning home from our trip to Utah we had heard that Seattle had some snow.  The kids were excited to see the snow at our house as it is always fun in Seattle when it snows because everything stops. And best of all our cul-de-sac hill becomes a sledders hang out.  Besides the snow already on the ground, the weather man had predicted a snow storm that would make history.  After one day of being home, the snow storm came.  It started out by snowing 7 inches.  
Which for Seattle is A LOT! 

Later on that same day it started to rain freezing rain. 
Which made it hard to be outside because it was wet and very cold.  

The next morning we woke up to the most unusual ice setting.
For almost 10 years I have gotten up at 6am to run with some friends.  We have run in everything from: snow, very heavy rain, extreme cold, to power outage (no street lights even).  But this was the first time we really could not run, because everything was covered in a sheet of ice, including the snow.  
Because this was so unusual we still went out but just walked, and admired all the glistening trees and bushes. 

Our house

This never happens in Seattle

The ice on the trees was beautiful

 During this snow storm....
The kids had 3 days off from school
We didn't leave the house for 4 days
The garbage man didn't come
 The milk man didn't come
Everything was canceled, 
however, the Postman  He STILL CAME! 

 Everything was so pretty, but.........................

many of the trees couldn't take the weight of the ice (it was so thick 2 inches on some).   All day we would hear gun shot noises which were the sound of breaking trees.  It was sad.

Below is a picture of our evergreen trees.  We lost a few major branches, but are grateful that neither one of them fell during the storm. 

Because it was leaning on our house at one point.  

The ice didn't stop Lydia, she would stay out in it forever! 

After coming down with a case of "Cabin Fever" we set out to see what the neighborhood looked like. Some members of our ward, lost most of the trees in their front yard.  It was shocking to see. 

On Saturday after most of the ice had melted, some men and youth in our ward went around and randomly helped several people in the neighborhood.  Landon and Mason joined them and worked almost 6 hours cutting down trees and clearing up streets and yards.  If you ask the boys what their favorite day of the snow storm was they would say it was this day for sure!    

A celebration of 60 years!

 We felt very blessed to be able to take our entire family to Utah for Grandpa Evans' 60th birthday.  It was a short trip, but we squeezed in as much fun as we could for this 4 day weekend.  

The first day we were in Utah, Zeke worked on finishing the walls of his parent's family room.  Zeke enjoyed helping out, but even more he enjoyed working along side of 3 of his brothers.  
When they finished that evening, the room looked beautiful! 

While Zeke worked on the house, I took the kids to Pleasant View to see the Findlays.  
We spent the day with them.  The kids played hard and loved being together. 
And I got to personally wish Melissa a Happy Birthday since it was her Birthday.


Saturday Grandpa's party began.  
 We spent the day at "Classic Skating" in Salt Lake City.  It was a perfect birthday party place for lots of grand-kids. 

An Arcade

Nate and Hallee
 An endless Jungle with balls and bouncing
 Skating or Scooter Riding 

And Much, Much More.....

Our kids loved hanging out with their cousins, they don't get to seem to very often, but when they do they have a blast!

Grandma and Grandpa have 2 dogs living with them right now.
Lydia and Jacob love animals, so they are always so thrilled to play with the dogs! 
Saydie and Lydia

Jacob, Ikie, and Will
 As fun as Saturday was, Sunday was unforgettable, as we were able to share stories, talents and our love for Grandpa Evans
Grandpa and Landon

Firsts we ate! 

Then we heard stories about Grandpa's life

 Then the show began......

Some Danced! 

Some performed on musical instruments

Lydia introducing her piano song
 Some Sang Songs
Tim singing Mormon Rap- hilarious!
Trish, Jana and Greg

Some sang and played

Some of the grand kids did back flips for Grandpa with help from Coach Luke! 


 And some told jokes, and more many jokes, I stopped taking pictures.  

Best of all Grandpa loved every minute of it!  

 Happy Birthday Grandpa!  

Bulldog Basketball!

Landon and Mason enjoyed playing on the 7th grade basketball team this year. 
Their season ran for 2 1/2 months.  
They also enjoyed being coached by a favorite former teacher, their 6th grade math teacher: Mr. Lubash.

 Landon  #23
Mason #7

Mason-- Facial Expression :)

 Unfortunately, their season was cut short and they had to cancel 2 games due to the recent snow and ice storm.  They were bummed as they were looking forward to a rematch from a tough team that they had already played which happens to be the Jr. High I went to.