Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jacob turns 3!

We love this little boy! It's hard to believe but this past Sunday he turned 3! We gave him a new church shirt and tie for his birthday, which he proudly wore because it was just like what Landon and Mason wear. He offically went from toddler to little man! After church we had Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Matt over for dinner. We gave Jacob the head of the table for his special day!

Last year it was Elmo this year Jacob loves Mickey Mouse!
So a Mickey Mouse birthday cake it was.

The next day we had Jacob's first friend birthday party.
We had the birthday party after school so his best little playmate Lydia could join in on the fun however, it made for a long day for him to wait.
For fun, I made a Mickey Mouse clubhouse for Jacob's party out of a washer box.

Finally, the friends arrived! Jacob was so exicted to share his birthday with 6 little friends.
We played a few games, put on Mickey ears and danced the "Fancy Dance".Cake time!
Happy Birthday Jacob!
Favors!Ever since the party Lydia and Jacob have hardly left the clubhouse (washer box). On Friday night they even slept in it together. Who knew a box could be so much fun!

Country Kids

During the first week of March my brother Josh and his family came to Washington for a visit. Technically Josh was working that week so he was away at the farm, but we were able to spend time with the rest of his family. On the weekend we drove out to where he was working and spent a day in the country. It was an amazingly beautiful day for early March as the kids ran and played all over an 180 acre farm in Elma, Washington.
My brother Josh is a successful business man in Austin, Texas. But when he comes out to the farm on occasion he gets to live the country lifestyle and that means growing a beard.

On the farm is an old farm house. It may not look like much on the outside, but inside it is completely remodeled and sleeps close to 25 people.

Josh works closely with the owner of his company so it was just the two of them that came out to this farm for a week. Most of the time they spend working in this apple orchard and blueberry field.

Lydia loved the farm. She hardly came into the house that day. At one point she told me when I asked her if she liked the country she said "I'm a country girl mom, not a city girl".

Jacob adores his cousin Amelia. They have a great time anytime they are together. Playing with cousins on a farm reminded me of when I was little playing with my cousins on my Grandpa's farm. The Rhino was a hit and it was the only way to see all the farm.

Landon and Mason even had their first driving lessons.

We ended the day with a bonfire, hot dogs, and marshmallows. Thanks Josh for sharing this fun place with us!