Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Seussical Jr

April 23rd and 24th was our Elementary School musical, Seussical Jr. After 2 months of practices the kids had a blast performing 3 times on stage for an audience.

Mason as Vlad Vladikoff

Landon as Yertle Turtle

Lydia as Lydia Luo Who

Lydia's "do".

Lydia was one of the youngest in the play. She loved every minute of it, and was so sad when it was over. She has become quite the performer.

Below is a video of Lydia in the "Whoville" song.

Landon enjoyed playing the role of Yertle the Turtle.

He had quite the face make-up job.

In Seussical Jr. Yertle the Turtle is a judge. His job is to determine if Horton the Elephant is insane for talking to a speck of dust (the Whos). Landon had a solo in the play. If you watch the clip below you see part of the court scene.

Mason was a great Vald Valcoff.

Vald is part of the jungle in Suessical and he steals Horton's' clover (with the speck). Watch below to see Mason's part (it comes at the end of this song).

Jacob enjoyed Seussical too. He learned all the songs, so he happily posed with Lydia and excepted her flowers.

Easter 2009

Our family had a wonderful Easter this year.

The kids enjoyed several Easter Egg Hunts on Saturday.

First was the Lakeland HOA Easter Hunt.

The kids always anticipate this hunt it is an annual family event.

It was fun to watch Jacob hunt for eggs this year. He understood picking up the eggs, but not so much putting them in his basket. He would feel his hands with eggs then put them back on the ground to pick up another. Eventually he got the idea with all his coaches (siblings, parents, grandparents) cheering him on

Lydia was the most excited about the hunt. She was so worried the week before about being late.

Even at 10 years old Landon and Mason love to hunt for eggs.

Later in the afternoon we attended our ward's Easter Egg Hunt.

The goods from all the eggs. For our own good it went to work with Zeke on Monday to share with his co-workers.

In anticipation of the Easter Bunny Lydia and Jacob decorated eggs.

On Sunday we enjoyed a nice day at church remembering the true reason we celebrate Easter. Then a nice afternoon at Grandma and Grandpa McKinney's house for another egg hunt and a yummy dinner.