Monday, October 26, 2009

Pink Dad!

For those who know Zeke well, knows his passion for sports. He has always encouraged our children to participate in sports and has often coached many of their sport teams. As busy as he is with work and church stuff, this fall he was only planning on coaching Landon and Mason's flag football team, however when we were notified that Lydia's soccer team didn't have a coach, Zeke was willing and jumped in and took the role as the team coach. He spoke with the Parks Department and asked all the questions like when is practice, whose on my team, what's the team name but he forgot to ask a very important question ....

"What is the team color?"

Then he would have known it was.......


When he came home with the bag of shirts, the first thing I said was
"That's a perfect color for a little girls team, Lydia will be thrilled"
He's response was
"But what about me?"

Growing up in a house with 7 boys and 1 girl, Zeke didn't experience a lot of pink stuff, let alone ever wear pink. A game doesn't go by without a comment about the shirt from other parents. Our next door neighbor even admitted seeing Zeke in the pink shirt out the window and calling his wife over to see it. And one early Saturday morning game he walked by his football buddies, wearing it. We've had some good laughs about the pink shirt, but I really think he looks great in it and I am now trying to convince him to try other pink shirts.

More than anything it makes Lydia happy that her Dad loves her enough to coach her team even if it means wearing a pink shirt.
Oh and Lydia is doing great on the soccer field, she has become quite the hustler this year.

It must be because she has an awesome coach!